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ONLINE COACHING an observation by Mr. N Hussain www.a2zcoachings.com

Education a process of transferring knowledge, methods, skills, and values from one entity to another.

Online teaching and learning refer to education that over the Internet. Large number of institutions across the world are moving from traditional face-to-face training into fully online, web-based courses. Online learning/teaching or web-based, is currently the trending & well-known form of education. For several it has become an integral part of graduation and post-graduation university programs

As we are aware Internet is now playing an influential role in our lives and persuading how we live, socialize, teach, and learn. As the Internet has evolved into a learning tool, online education offers the educator and the learner access to large number of resources.

The reasons for opting online courses include easy and convenient access for students, higher degree of completion rates, and the appeal of such courses to both traditional and non-traditional students. Another important factor is overcoming the barriers such as lack of faculty commitment and high costs of implementation and delivery of the courses

The key to a successful online teaching and learning is taking student characteristics into account. The plan that could work for conventional fulltime students may not be as effective as that for an adult learner with full-time jobs and family responsibilities. Such students are generally practical-oriented with focus in technology, appropriate tools & appropriate resources.


It provides exciting opportunities to improve the learning environment for diverse student populations. As the interest for online teaching increases, trainers,teachers,coaches are being asked to consider conducting classes’ online. It is similar to face-to-face teaching; however, it also has a unique set of skills and methods. Both are similar in content, except in pace and delivery. Rather that starting every same course from scratch repeatedly companies have emerged to take care of the courses. Trainers can use Learning or course Management applications and software to deliver courses.

For a successful online teaching & or learning following are essential requirements:

1. Student engagement with trainer

2. Prompt teacher/student feedback

3. Lay stress on timely completion of assigned tasks.

4. avoid information overload,

5. Create a real-life scenario.

6. Provide hands-on activities

II. ONLINE LEARNING is an evolving process of learning, it is complex and involves the auditory, visual, and tactile senses.

Students of this era called digital age are far more independent, technology savvy, well suited for online environment. Online learning at your own pace is useful for all strata of society and could be cost effective. However, courses offered online, should meet the same rigorous criteria and the strict academic standards. The course providers play a big role in the initial onboarding of those who are not technology savvy however once started it would get going.

CONCLUSION Online teaching and learning is relatively new & evolving at a faster pace. In the last decade or so institutions are providing options for top notch courses be it home or overseas. Online courses are best taught when they are engineered to take advantage of the learning opportunities afforded by the online technologies. As the demand for online education by those who are employed or working class or even stay home parents increases the requirement for lifelong education increases. Therefore, there are more and more expectations on the quality of online education programs provided and the feedbacks are visible to one and all in the form of reviews. Therefore, a disciplined and focused approach in providing online teaching, coaching and or training is the key to a successful outcome in the form of improved student learning.


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