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Chat GPT OpenAI vs Google search

Is Google or search engine going to be outdated?
Is ChatGPT going to CHANGE schooling? ..
How teachers teach & students learn?

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Is ChatGPT merely a Fashion statement amongst millennials?

Will ChatGPT have a cautious approach by Authorities like crypto/blockchain?

I shall take you through What is Chatgpt ?

What could be the advantages & disadvantages ?

How is it going to impact primary schools’ teaching & learning mechanism?

ChatGPT is a language processing model developed by OpenAI that appears to create human-like text based on given inputs.

Following are some advantages & disadvantages of ChatGPT:

Advantages of ChatGPT:

• CGPT is able to create coherent and structured text that makes it usable for tasks such as language translation, summarization, and chat-bot conversations.

• CGPT can understand context and generate right responses, which is what makes it useful for works such as customer relationship management and different language translations.

• CGPT can progressively learn and improve & therefore makes it useful for tasks that may require adjusting to new information and circumstances.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT:

• CGPT is not human & can be imperfect at times hence may throw errors or incorrect responses, especially if it is provided ambiguous or incomplete input.

• CGPT takes a huge amount of computing power to operate which may make it struggle to use for some applications.

• CGPT may probably get biased in its resultant output if it is trained on predetermined information which could be a concern for works such as language translation or chatbot conversation.

To conclude CGPT is an extremely powerful tool and advantageous for tasks that may involve natural language processing or known as NLPs, but it is essential to be aware of its limitations and being potentially biased.

CGPT may become helpful to businesses around the world:

1. Translations: ChatGPT can translate business documents, web-sites, written documents to different languages, making it convenient for business houses for larger outreach.

2. Customer relationship management or CRM: CGPT can empower chatbot assistants to provide customer service and answer FAQs.

This is helping businesses save time and resource by partially automating businesses & processes.

3. Creating content: CGPT can generate content such as product descriptions, blogs and social media posts that help companies and business save time

4. Data analysis: CGPT can analyze and summarize large amounts of data, which helps business make better informed decision based on data mined.

To conclude , CGPT can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of companies or small and large business houses.

Here are ways that CGPT has potential to change schools and teaching in primary schools:

1. Personalized learning: CGPT could be used to create customised learning materials and assessments for students, depending on their needs and learning styles.

2. Language learning: CGPT can create interactive language learning documentation materials such as conversation prompts and translation materials.

3. Student support: CGPT could be used to create bot assistants that support and respond to questions for students, assisting them stay on track with their learning when needed.

4. Classroom management: CGPT could help teachers manage classrooms by taking attendance or answering FAQs.

To conclude, CGPT has the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning in primary schools by providing customized and personalised teaching-learning materials & support.

I am sure there’s a google vs chatgpt query in your mind?

To answer in few words:

Google vs CGPT argument misses the fine observation of interactive classes.


For authoritative or inquisitive queries on sports, finance, people, computation, Google Leads.

For detailed, explanatory, summarised, brief contents, queries like recipes, programs, synonyms, essays, coding, ChatGPT gets ahead.

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